At the foot of the cross- a hope and prayer

“Offer it up!” Or “Put it at the foot of the cross”. Whenever I came across something difficult in life and chatted to my nana about it, this was so often her response. My crazy non-indian (indian really) Nana would say this to me constantly!

I remember as a child thinking ‘how?’. Why would that God up there on that crucifix want my troubles? He seems to have enough of his own! Often I’d think ‘what good will that do?’ for that situation anyway? If I gave it up, I’d no longer hold it, mull it over, twist it or turn it. More often that not, this little child was just plainly confused thinking that perhaps it was a cop-out for her (nana) really not understanding or not being interested in my situation.

Yet years later I find myself saying this to others “offer it up!” or “put it at the foot of the cross”!

I’ve learned that this response actually means your situation means a lot to me.

I’ve learned this actually means, I’m praying for you.

It actually means I care and love you!


Yes, Christ is on the cross. He invites us to come and see.

He invites us to look at how much He has and would/does suffer over and over for us.

He invites us into this strange self sacrificing love of the Father and the trinity.

In giving His life Christ conquers death. He shows us a way of complete trust in the Father.

The Father too shows His love for us. Would we sacrifice our children to show God how much we love Him. I doubt I could, but yet the Father does this. Not as a bargain, or ransom, but out of love.

And in doing this the Spirit breaths forth life for all for all eternity.

The cross isn’t just a symbol of death and sacrifice, but life, resurrecting life.. Death and darkness is transformed and conquered for all eternity. Hope and mercy is ever lasting.

So I frequently come and stand in prayer at the bottom of the cross in prayer. I make myself look up at the battered and bruised body that hangs there. I look at this gruelling image, not seeing the damage, but the love. I won’t mourn the loss of death entirely because I know the hope and grace of the resurrection.

If such an image can hold so much hope, then all I carry and pray for can be dumped in the mess at the bottom of the cross. So I place my burdens down, and try to leave them there. What’s the point in me carrying them, mulling them really? It only causes more pain. So I surrender. Admittedly occasionally I go back and check and meddle and place them there again (but that’s just me interfering and causing myself more pain!). If God can transform death, He can transform anything of this world. This is my faith, this is our faith! The darkness of this world may be great, but He is far greater! So I challenge you to go ahead…. put your worries at the foot of the cross..

Trust He has them..

and for your own sake, leave the meddling be..




Massage therapist/ ex-nurse finding peace in contemplation. Oblate (Bernadine Cistercian’s)

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Lisa VO

Lisa VO

Massage therapist/ ex-nurse finding peace in contemplation. Oblate (Bernadine Cistercian’s)

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