I’m rejected by the world…

But not by the Messiah.

We walk this land like it’s ours. Like we own it and it owns us. We walk like we are part of it, and yet, while chemically and physically. we are, we are also so much more!

This land has its own serpants, to trap is to tempt is. It offers so many false Gods of entanglement. Wealth, class, status, praise of man, pride, power and superiority. As we grown up in this life, they snare over and over, tripping our good deeds, tuning our need and thirst for the next best thing, deadening our soul, chaining us more and more to this two dimensional existence.

But we’re not made for this world are we? No, we are passing through.. The experience of these bodies prepare us for the experiences of heaven.

To taste on ripe orange on this plane, imagine it’s delight in heaven! To experience love and joy here, how it will be so abundant on heaven!

And yet with joy there is so much suffering, so much pain and heartbreak. But aren’t these for the best part, just reminders that there is a bigger picture?

We can never know the plans He has for us! We will never know the full extent of our life choices till the last judgement at the end if time; but we do know we have a merciful Father. His plans are for good not evil. His heart bleeds for us all. He so humbled himself to be that babe that was crucified on the cross. Even lepers and the blind could see the true Christ and follow him. Yet we see but are so often blind to follow. Our hearts and minds too deaf and deadened to hear. Our salvation is in the following of Christ, and sharing our yoke of suffering with Him.

Yes the world rejects us- but take heart, for the Messiah, the Christ- He does not!

Words by Lisa VO



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Lisa VO

Lisa VO

Massage therapist/ ex-nurse finding peace in contemplation. Oblate (Bernadine Cistercian’s)